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i fucked up again.

not in anything big.. and not with anyone new.

just with myself.

i honestly think this is it. i'm finally going insane. i'm turning into one of those psychotic ex girlfriend types.

i was so happy, for so long, and tonight, it just all came crashing down on top of me.

i can't even bring myself to cry. i just sit here. i figured maybe writing would help, and the such.

i didn't mean to leave as i did, but i don't like to be speaking to people when i'm this way.

if i still did such things, i'd drink myself stupid right now.

ah well.

it's not going to work. i'm not fucking normal. i shouldn't try. i'm sorry, you.

though you'll probably never read this. it's for the best. yeah.

i'm just going to lay in my bed and pretend none of this happened, now.
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