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I wonder what's wrong with me, at times. I'm so, concerned about the opinions of others. People I should hate, but don't, because to hate them is to let them get to you. So you deal with their bullshit, and fight back when they argue, and pretend that you like them, and everything stays safe.


That isn't how it should be. At all. That isn't how anything should be. But it is. And it's sick, really, if you think about it. Online and offline, anywhere we go. We let people control us, just because we're afraid of the consequences if we dare to disagree. It's bullshit. We need more balls.

I suppose some of us(them) have balls, and the ability to speak their minds. But they're also convinced that they can do no wrong.

I had something good going here, with my writing. But I lost it.

I think I'll go cry..
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